Customer Help

Choosing a new piece of furniture is a big decision. 

There are hundreds of material choices and so many different design styles to choose from. 

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you. 

As always we are here to help as well feel free to contact us anytime!

A lot of our customers come in looking for a new sofa but are not sure where to start.

Measure what you have now. the length, depth and height. Take a picture with your phone. Take pictures of the other items in your room that will be with your new sofa. This information will help us see what your plans are and help suggest other ideas.

If you can, bring a sample of your flooring, carpet, etc, that will be a help also. Arm caps or fabric samples of your furniture also can help with color matching.

Most of our sofas can be purchased right off the floor or out of our warehouse. Special orders are no problem but will take 6 to 8 weeks for us to get it.

Decide on a stationary sofa or a sectional versus reclining furniture, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Most sofas can range in length from 70″ to over 100″ long. The average sofa is 83″ to 88″ inch long. The width of your doorways and hallways going into the room might impede the delivery of large sofas. Sometimes a recliner sofa is the best way to go. Most recliner sofas have a feature where the backs of the sofa comes off and reattaches back when setting it up.


Most fabrics are made of polyester or a polyester blend. Let Brandon House show you our large selection of colors, patterns and quality of fabrics.

Something new in fabrics and great if you have small children:

Revolution Performance Fabrics® by STI and Brentwood Textiles are true performance fabrics. Woven with Olefin yarn, the fabrics are virtually unstainable, easy to clean, and extremely durable; yet beautiful and soft while also resistant to fading from the sun. Revolution Performance Fabrics® are made with upcycled fibers and have no chemical treatments making them easy on the environment.

In addition to the benefits mentioned already, Revolution fabric offers many of the below advantages:

• Stain resistant for life

• No chemicals applied

• Easy to clean and bleach safe

• Exceptional durability

• Resists fading in sunlight

• Small carbon footprint

Leather furniture is great for cleaning, wear and durability. We offer many colors and great quality leathers.

A great website for understanding leather is linked below.

Guide to buying Leather furniture

Number one, sit on it. You would be amazed how often people never do this. Seat depth, back height and arm size will make a difference for each person. Keep the heights and weights of everyone who will be sitting on your furniture in mind. Higher backed sofas will sit comfortably for taller people, wheres shorter seats and backs are better for smaller people. Each home is different and we are here to help. Are kids and pets using the sofa is just another consideration for us to help you with.


We are very happy to offer you a great extended warranty plan that will cover your new furniture for a full 5 years. Ask your salesperson about out plan. It offers great coverage and wonderful peace of mind when making your purchase of new furniture.

Remember, our plan covers everything but claws, teeth and beak damage. Commercial, rental or industrial usages is not covered. Any claims must be called in to the company in 30 days or less or your coverage will be denied.

Brandon House will spray and treat upholstered furniture if made in fabric and if your furniture is in leather we use protected wipes made especially for leather for a protected sealant.

When you need a lift recliner chair, the style and size can make a difference for each user. Comfort is the main gold when picking a good chair.

The person who will be using the Lift recliner chair needs to come in the store and try it out before purchasing. As with purchasing shoes, each pair will fit differently, each style has different likes and dislikes. The person who will use the lift recliner chair knows best when making that selection, what it feels like and fits best for them.

Lift Recliner Chairs not only recline you backwards with the footrest coming up but can also can lift the chair upwards to help you get up and out of the chair.

Make sure the chair is not to large or small for the user. Headrest or the back of the chair fits the user. Your feet are flat on the floor when the chair is in a sitting position.

Most all lift chairs need room to recline or lay back when fully reclined. Only a few lift chairs out today are space savers or wall huggers. They only need 3 to 5 inches to fully recline backwards. Standard lift chairs need a foot or more, depending on the size of the chair.

The number of operator buttons that tell the chair to recliner/ lift can vary by each chair. Some control wands will let you have preset positions, adjust the backs separately and some have features like heat and massage.

Fabrics in many colors are available. Certain fabrics are consider “quick ship” and others are special orders only. Special order my take many more weeks longer the get in.

Weight limits vary by chair but most have a 300 lbs. or more capacity. The maximum is 500 lbs.

All our Lift Chairs are American made, of the highest quality. Every Lift Chair comes with a battery backup if you lose your power at your home you can operate your chair one time.

5 E Alibon

A good adjustable bed unit consists of 2 parts. The Base that lifts or raise the top or head area and the lower part that lifts the lower or feet areas.

These platforms have 2 motors and lifting mechanism along with the controller that will adjust the whole bed unit to your preferences.

Some units also have a massage feature. The whole bed can massage you in different waves or pulses.

The second and most important part is the correct mattress that is not only comfortable for you but is designed to bend to the contours of the base unit. Most standard mattress sets sold are not built to bend and will damage your mattresses.

Along with being built to bend it must be comfortable and durable.

You can get adjustable sets in twin, twin extra-long, full, queen and king size. Remember, king size is 2 units of twin extra-long.

Some power recliners are having a issue with the motors kicking out.

To prevent the motor from overheating or over working because it keeps getting the "Open or Close" signal. A user pushing the buttons for a extended long time causing the motor to shut down or kick out. Some motors will have included a "kick out" or "breaker" in the motor input options. It prevents motors from overheating or damage to the motors. To correct a chair that has "kicked out" - just unplug the chair from the wall for a short while and it should "self" reset the motor. Remember, if you hold the buttons down for a long time, that may kick-out the motors. Usually , when you feel the motor surge or jump, that is an indication to stop pushing the button. Sometimes a person will sit on the Wand type Control and not know they are sending the motor a signal to open or close.